Paint Protection

Paint protection Adelaide is essential whether your car is new or old. By coating paintwork, Duco Magic makes rides show-worthy. The extra coat protects against UV rays and prevents oxidation and deterioration.


It’s important to protect and preserve the paint. This maintains the vehicle’s outward appearance. The products we use preserve the paint’s original shine, gloss and colour. Over time, paint oxidises and deteriorates. But our products guard against such effects. Our expert service offers instant protection against damage. Though we use quality products and do the job well, paint protection doesn’t guarantee damage-proof paintwork.


At its best, paint protection maintains the vehicle’s appearance and improves its worth. Besides that, this service negates the need of constantly polishing your automobile to keep it glossy and looking fresh. Thanks to our expertise and supplies, we can achieve the “wet- look” effect that every car owner desires. Still, you save cash and time since maintaining the jeep’s sheet metal becomes a walk-in-the-park and once-in-a-blue-moon affair.


Considering Australia’s congested roads, urban surroundings and temperate climate, cars in Australia are normally exposed to elements that compromise their appearance. Without paint protection, your fancy ride will look old and awful. Therefore, in addition to upgrading rims, engine cleaning and car pimping, protect your paint.


For starters, owing to the aesthetic benefits of paint protection in Adelaide, Duco Magic makes your sedan look good as new. On top of that, when we coat your coupé, you don’t have to wash it regularly. Hence, you get to save time, money and energy. Since your car is an investment, when you decide to sell it, a vibrant and secure paint job adds to its resale value.


Don’t wait until the surface develops stains and scratches to seek Adelaide paint protection. Etches and blemishes are costly to remove. And, worst of all, you’ll incur the costs of paint correction and paint protection. When you safeguard your car’s paintwork, fly squash, road grit, industrial fallout and water spots are no bother.


At Duco Magic, our expert auto detailers are eager to work on your car!